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C3B’s Silver Joe’s Coffee Can has been included in “Box Bottle Bag: The World’s Best Package Designs” (from the Editors of TheDieline.com) Can be ordered from Amazon.com


Silver Joe’s Coffee Co. : C3 Brandworks, Inc.

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C3 Brandworks’ founder and Brand Communications Driector, Cameron Clement conceived, created, and developed the Silver Joe’s Coffee brand from the grounds up.

During a trip through the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, Cameron began his original concept of associating great coffee with great adventures and the Airstream trailer’s aesthetic and iconic design sensibilities. After the initial development of the brand’s identity and communication platform, he field-tested the brand and refined the flavor of the product to ensure the coffee inside his unique, patented, package design would live up to customers’ expectations. People loved the premiere, specialty coffee, and the packaging won several design awards before it was ever released to the market.

Clement provided holistic brand development for Silver Joe’s Coffee Company — creating everything from the name, logo, distinct, streamlined coffee container, theme line “Taste the Adventure”, and mission statement, to a strategic alliance with Airstream, Inc. as their “Official Coffee”. Cameron also designed and directed Silver Joe’s entire product line, apparel, trade show displays, in-store displays and other marketing materials — including the conception and creation of the “Adventure Journal”, an online place for adventurists of all walks and disciplines to share their favorite moments over a cup of joe.

Today Silver Joe’s Coffee is a national brand found on the shelves of over 400 stores and outdoor retailers from New York to L.A. In 2008 Silver Joe’s launched its first international franchise in Tokyo, Japan and, in 2009, it’s first domestic franchised café opened in Northwest Arkansas.

C3 Brandworks’, Cameron Clement, is gratified to have created and helped Silver Joe’s Coffee “Taste the Adventure” of brand success!

Silver Joe’s — Taste the Adventure.
Can Design Press Coverage
Facebook | Silver Joe’s Coffee Company
C3 Brandworks
Facebook | C3 Brandworks

TOP IMAGE: Sierra Mountaineering International’s Master Guide Greg Venovage and his team enjoyed Silver Joe’s coffee on top of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Logo Design
Silver Joe’s Coffee Company: Logo Design

US Patent No. D535,530
Coffee Can Design | Cameron Clement: US Patent No. D535,530

Theme Line & Service Mark
Silver Joe’s Coffee Company: Theme Line & Service Mark

Mission Statement
Silver Joe’s Coffee Company: Mission Statement

In-store Display Graphic
Silver Joe’s Coffee Company: In-store Display Graphic

Airstream Life Magazine Print Ad
Silver Joe’s Coffee Company: Airstream Life Magazine Print Ad

Airstream Life Magazine Print Ad
Silver Joe’s Coffee Company: Airstream Life Magazine Print Ad

Airstream Life Magazine Print Ad
Silver Joe’s Coffee Company: Airstream Life Magazine Print Ad

Catalog Page Design
Silver Joe’s Coffee Company: Catalog Page Design

Product & Lifestyle
Silver Joe’s Coffee Branding: Product & Lifestyle

Mission Statement & Hang Tag Design
Silver Joe’s Coffee Branding: Mission Statement & Hang Tag Design

Logo, Product & Lifestyle
Silver Joe’s Coffee Branding: Logo, Product & Lifestyle

Product & Lifestyle
Silver Joe’s Coffee Branding: Product & Lifestyle

Apparel Design
Silver Joe’s Coffee Branding: Apparel Design

Illustration by Kevin Newman
Silver Joe’s Early Brand Rendering: Illustration by Kevin Newman

Retro Logo for Apparel
Silver Joe’s Coffee Branding: Retro Logo for Apparel

Apparel Design
Silver Joe’s Coffee Branding: Apparel Design

Apparel Design
Silver Joe’s Coffee Branding: Apparel Design

Apparel Design
Silver Joe’s Coffee Branding: Apparel Design

Award Winning Can Design
Silver Joe’s Coffee Brand: Award Winning Can Design

Product & Collateral Display
Silver Joe’s Coffee Company: Product & Collateral Display

Print Ad Design
Silver Joe’s Coffee Company: Print Ad Design

Brochure Design
Silver Joe’s Coffee Company: Brochure Design

E-blast Template Design
Silver Joe’s Coffee Company: E-blast Template Design

Website Design
Silver Joe’s Coffee Company: Website Design

Adventure Journal Web Design
Silver Joe’s Coffee Company: Adventure Journal Web Design

Adventure Journal Web Design
Silver Joe’s Coffee Company: Adventure Journal Web Design

Adventure Journal Spread
Silver Joe’s Coffee Company: Adventure Journal Spread

Branded Product Design
Silver Joe’s Coffee Company: Branded Product Design

Lifestyle Photography
Silver Joe’s Coffee Company: Lifestyle Photography

Branded Graphics Display Design
Silver Joe’s Coffee Serving System: Branded Graphics Display Design

In-store Product Display Tower
Silver Joe’s Coffee Retailer’s: In-store Product Display Tower

PDQ Display Tray Design
Silver Joe’s Coffee Retailer’s: PDQ Display Tray Design

Outdoor Retailer, Salt Lake City UT
Silver Joe’s Trade Show Design: Outdoor Retailer, Salt Lake City UT

Official Coffee of Airstream
Silver Joe’s Banner Design: Official Coffee of Airstream

Tokyo, Japan Café
Silver Joe’s Coffee Franchise: Tokyo, Japan Café

Tokyo, Japan Café
Silver Joe’s Coffee Franchise: Tokyo, Japan Café

Print Ads used as Wall Graphics
Silver Joe’s Café Franchise: Print Ads used as Wall Graphics

Branded Graphics
Silver Joe’s Coffee Company Café: Branded Graphics

Early Silver Joe’s Concept Sketch: 2003

Development Sketch
Initial Silver Joe’s Can: Development Sketch

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Useful and Fun iPhone Apps We Like To Use

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Inspired by a recent post on Inspired Magazine’s blog (13 Top Designers Share the Coolest iPhone Apps They Use Everyday http://bit.ly/pKSpK) we have created a visual listing of some of our favorite functional and fun iPhone apps. It is great to see what others are using and exchange app ideas! If you have any new app suggestions, please let us know.

Oh, and if you happen to notice that my pages are kinda organized by color….well yeah, they were…I have that disorder!  Enjoy!

iPhone Apps Pgs 1 & 2

iPhone Apps Pgs 3 & 4

iPhone Apps Pgs 5 & 6

iPhone Apps Pgs 7 & 8

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Mastering Design

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You Need More than Lady Luck to Create a Great Community Brand.

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Community brands are numerous, but few are clear winners when it comes to building expectations and defining their unique experiences to the outside world.

One of the reasons for the many misses is the fact that a community is a matrix and when all the analysis is said and done, there are numerous positive amenities to promote. The ultimate challenge is figuring out what singular statement summarizes them all.

A clear frontrunner in meeting this challenge has been Las Vegas. A once middle-of-the-dessert destination has successfully built accurate expectations of grown-up fun. Their road to the top in community brand definition came through an evolutionary process driven by the creative firm R&R Partners.

Starting first with political-parody, the Las Vegas “Freedom Party” campaign migrated to Don Rickles in “Vegas Calling”. Then the evolutionary process of refinement continued until it hit real pay dirt with the “What Happens Here, Stays Here” campaign. A big help in boosting this campaign to stardom was the fact that it was banned from airing as a Super Bowl commercial. Overnight this decade long journey became a huge success simply because it was smart and accurate to the Las Vegas experience — a must for any brand.

As economically vibrant as Las Vegas has been, they haven’t been immune from late trends in the economy. Currently R&R Partners is working on “Crazy Times, Call for Crazy Fun” — a campaign to develop a quicker connecting call to action. Randy Snow, Vice President and Creative Director of R&R Partners, who crafted the theme and campaign, put it this way, “We have a strong brand, a brand with built-in desire and demand — we won’t do anything at its expense.” It’s all about brand strength and the “What Happens Here, Stays Here” brand theme helped build that strength. The campaign will be back, and according to Randy, “It will be around for some time to come”.

Great brands’ themelines demand many comebacks. Their accuracy has made them synonymous with their label. Just like Nike’s historic start with the breakthrough campaign “Just Do It”.

A few other examples of hitting the mark with the right community brand theme include: New York City, New York, Huntington Beach, California, and Hershey, Pennsylvania.

At C3 Brandworks, we understand the need, the process, and how to get there. If your community needs a definition that connects, and lasts, contact C3 Brandworks. We would love to hear from you.

~ C3 Brandworks

Walmart Rolls back the curtain with Smart Network Rollout

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BENTONVILLE, ARKANSAS (September 3rd, 2008) Walmart rolls out Smart Vision to their major brand partners in simulcast event.

Opening with the statement that the Walmart brand is its most valuable asset, this global brand is now changing the landscape to create a better world for itself and the brands it makes relevant to shoppers every day. This emerging landscape will be driven by a new platform of communication labeled as “Smart Network” and will lead to change in Walmart’s environmental branding experience.

This shopper-marketing network is comprised of three key components: Welcome Screens, Category Screens, and End Cap screens. Positioned strategically, these screens enhance the fast-moving shopper’s experience by informing her of key points of relevant communication based on her immediate needs. This system, capable of connecting on a dayparting and geotargeting level, combines shopper-relevant data, such as time, temperature, calendar, and regional sports of interest, with brand-labeled promotional vignettes akin to micro-infomercials. This gives major labels a way to connect with their customers from the grass roots all the way to tree-top level, providing immediately relevant brand experiences not yet seen en mass.

Distilled from earlier iterations over the years on the Walmart Network, Smart Network is more accurately described by the term intelligent media. One of the notable feature benefits of this media platform is providing the brand promoter with near immediate results of their current Smartnet promotions running through this network’s nervous system. While not yet reaching a real-time level of telemetry, it certainly will provide enough backside analytics to allow the brand to view rich analysis for fine-tuning of their future communications. Future versions will gain ground in approaching real, real-time analytics — clearly it changes the landscape literally and figuratively.

This couldn’t come at a better time as Walmart is currently rebranding their own image. As these two worlds collide into a new community brand, this digital experience will help them to become more relevant to their market base. This also should have a positive and measurable effect on de-cluttering the store and moving forward the Walmart brand experience.

At C3 Brandworks, we have a proven history of successful experiences in reaching into en mass brand promotion. If you are interested in utilizing this media or need any other strategic brand-centric content, contact us for further details: C3 Brandworks

~ C3 Brandworks

Brand Inertia

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All good brands follow good branding principles and have understanding directors carving their lines. Not only do these brands have to be true to themselves, but they must make real connections and fulfill real needs. If it is really, really fortunate and really, really true to its purpose, that brand will not only make the connection, but when the trip is complete, it will produce a wave of inertia!

Very recently, we have seen that take place with one of the C3B brand concepts: Silver Joe’s® Coffee. This premium, coffee brand was created out of a specific need for good coffee in the home and on the road, out on the trail, and even at the beach. A fuel for life’s adventures. A brand born out of adventure and supporting those that live the life.

It became apparent that the brand was making this connection when remarkable images and adventure stories started filling Silver Joe’s inbox. Silver Joe’s desire to share these stories with others swelled into the development of the “Adventure Journal” located at Silverjoes.com. By just clicking the Adventure Journal icon and logging a story and/or photo, you become part of a special group of adventurers, sharing daily journeys, large and small, with others around the globe.

A recent log by surf star Holly Beck, “Secret Waves”, brought that connection full-circle for Silver Joe’s brand creator by pointing out her need for a good cup of joe at 4 a.m. Her story was amazing and ironic, because that very need (for the pre-dawn go-juice), is exactly what created the brand idea in the first place. This is what makes the brand-energy connection — the purpose meeting the desire and need of its consumers. It is a moment of affirmation that is nothing but electrifying.

~ C3 Brandworks

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Celebrate good times!

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C3 Brandworks Celebrates its Anniversary – July 13 with Constituo Velum Ortus Libertas!

What does that mean exactly? Well, lets just say its Latin for how we look at the birthday of our opportunity for independence.

It is amazing how fast a year can go. Especially when you are sailing on the seas of freedom – bound by only your taste for adventure and the compass bearings that lead you on toward your destination. Since we’ve set sail, it has become clear to us that we’ve got a cargo hold of real treasure – that of true friends and keepers of the code. We are grateful to God for these and our many blessings. We’ve enjoyed watching our clients grow with success and we’ve enjoyed helping the start-ups getting on their feet and into their boots.

We wish to thank all of those who have supported C3 Brandworks in the last year, and hope that you have many blessings in return. We are grateful for you and feel extremely blessed to have you as our friends!

It would be silly not to think you wouldn’t face adversity from time to time, and of course we, as well as all those who enjoy the Pirates life, sometimes do. But it is how you fair in these winds and to what loyalty you give your flag that determine the final outcome.

So Join us in celebrating being on the deck of true freedom while we raise our brand flag and let the winds fill the sails. Let’s set our course for great discovery and success! Aaargh!

~ Cameron & Jennifer

C3 Brandworks

Riding with the Brand

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June 30, 2008

Riding with the Brand

“Lately is occurs to me what a long strange trip it’s been” the Grateful Dead once wrote. And when it comes to rocking with Harley Davidson’s Owners Group of Arkansas – it was indeed quite a flashback….

It all started with a phone call last year, announcing that the 2008 H.O.G. Rally would be held in our home town. For C3 Brandworks this is a pretty cool deal, because we dig bikes! We said, “Heck, yeah we’ll do it!” and immediately started working on concepts for the rally.

We wanted to create something that represented the history of Harley and galvanize the timelessness of riding with the brand. We selected a 1937 Harley Davidson as the bike for the classic representation. (Even the bike render had to be reviewed and approved by the Harley Davidson staff.) All told, about 15 brandmarks were created and sent out for feedback.

First round of art has to go through the convention of the Rally Congressional Committee. Second round goes straight to Harley Davidson corporate for approval. So we sent them out…and then we waited. After the call finally came, tweaks were made, and a brandmark selected, we began working up the apparel and merchandise. It was a journey that took us about eight months from start to finish.

The end of the trail for us was at the rally (we had a blast at the Jo Dee Messina concert, btw!), and the best affirmation was that the very first biker we saw and spoke with (pictured below) just happened to be riding a 1937 Knucklehead motor strapped up into a more contemporary frame. What a sweet ride and great memory that made!

Thanks to all in the Harley Davidson Owners Group of Arkansas…hope to see you again next year.

~ C3 Brandworks

Decoding Brand Decrosion

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There are moments, all brand developers live for and C3Brandworks encountered one of these moments this week.

It started innocently enough with a phone call from Adam Brandt, a resident who was looking for something special — a hat for a regional community brand that C3B had designed years ago.

What made this call remarkable were two things. One, that he had the perseverance to track us down after all these years as a possible source to replace his hat. Which is long gone from any store shelves. And two, that he had a strong enough brand affinity that it was worth doing so. And thus, in this moment, provided the thing that all brand developers dream will happen but doesn’t always…the brand connected to the point that it was not only loved, but loved until it was completely worn out. It was a reward for us all when we found a new hat tucked away in our studio to replace his worn out relic. And genuine relic it is, a completely decroded piece of headwear so worn, so loved, so used that it is just simply “beautiful decrosion”. A partially decomposed hat that says more about the brand and its connection to a person, than we ever could. Adam not only uses that hat to identify something to be loyal to for reasons of his own, but something to self identify with as well. We can dig that. And what is even more remarkable is that this hat (shown) is actually a generation #2 wear out…generation #1 bit the dust long-long ago! It really is what branding is about – connecting.

Its like we said, it’s a moment you live for, a living proof of concept. C3B gives Adam Brandt our brand loyalist salute, with gratitude, respect and appreciation.

Go ahead, wear hat gen#3 completely out too!

~ C3 Brandworks

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